What will 2021 Bring?

2021 written on paving with two arrows facing forward. Two shoes are lined up ready to enter into 2021.
What direction will 2021 take you. Image from Pixabay.

Well we’ve certainly had an interesting start to 2021! I hope that everyone is safe and has some interesting plans for 2021 that don’t include the loss of American democracy! I know I want a different 2021 than I had in 2020. I would love some new adventures, hopefully! I definitely want to visit my family, my friends and, you, my clients.

I am watching the news about COVID-19 and vaccination with cautious optimism. Cautious because who knows how many months it will be before most of us can be vaccinated and so I am wearing my mask and social distancing when I am outside and washing my damn hands all the time. I am hopeful and grateful that the pandemic might be over towards to end of 2021.

Young woman sitting on a log reading a book.
Learning, reading, being creative are my values. Image from Pixabay.

I shall live my values of learning and creativity through connections and community building. Self discovery and exploration are now ongoing for me. I am grateful for podcasts like Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead and Krista Tippett’s On Being. I will continue to read widely. If you have any recommendations for podcasts or books, please share them in the comments.

I want, and need, to do more about racial equity in the food system and in my personal community. This is part of my ongoing learning and I haven’t figured this out yet, except that this needs to happen step by step while listening to others to help me learn.

Woman greeting the sun with wide arms. Being outdoors and enjoy nature is important for my self care.
Enjoy the fresh air! Image from Pixabay.

My self care includes challenging myself to walk two miles each day and to do 30 mins of yoga 6 days a week. I’ve managed that for 10 days so far. I shall do that for another 358! Yes, I worked out that this would mean that I will have walked over 730 miles by the end of the year! I’m really enjoying getting outside every day and seeing tiny changes to the trees and plants in my neighborhood.

I’m looking at how I eat; mostly at timing of my meals. I’ve always seemed to metabolize food very fast, which means that I typically get hungry within a few hours of eating. So I am eating more meals and seeing how that goes. I am also letting myself off from cooking occasionally and allowing myself to buy take out. Which means I can support local businesses too. Let me know in the comments what is working for you food-wise. Do you have any tips?

I have a great morning routine which feels like a comfortable old sweater. I know what I MUST do to start my day so that I have a good day. I am working on getting my evening routine as comfortable. What about you? Do you have any routines you love enough to share in the comments?

I shall complete my book in 2021. I have the shape of it now and mostly sketched out. I have found time every day to write, mostly with the London Writers Salon at their 8 am EST hour. Having this hour or two every day really helps me make progress.

Handwashing is just one responsibility of food workersf
Washing my damn hands. Image from Pixabay.

For my business, food safety is my main focus; supporting my client’s food safety, in particular. I hope to do more training, like the Better Processing Control School I just finished in December 2021. Additional goals for 2021 include participating in more conferences, both virtually and in person later in the year, so that I can support my clients to the best of my ability. 

What are your 2021 business goals? Schedule a call so we can chat about how I can support you achieving them.

Happy New Year!

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