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I’m writing a book!

There are millions of people that are going hungry in the USA and billions worldwide at time that food is apparently cheap.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, or even my old blog in the past, you have been part of my journey. I started my business because I couldn’t find opportunities that would allow me to strengthen the food system while using my technical knowledge. I love food science.  I love how I can help small emerging food businesses with their food safety and coach them to make great products at the same time. I am proud that I know why bread goes brown when you toast it and how it goes stale when you leave it on the counter. I also think it is important that scientists are aware of the wider implications of their work. This larger picture, however, is lacking in the education of food scientists. Very few are taught about the implications of the food industry and research on the food system or on consumers.. 

To fill this gap, I am writing a book under contract with Springer, called Food Science and Food Systems: A Need for Change. I have 10 months to write this! Time is ticking. The purpose of this book, from my perspective, is to introduce food scientists and people working to make the food system stronger to each other! The book will look at the important issues facing our food; such as climate change, social justice, land access, and wellness, and discuss them from my perspective as a food scientist and interview people to get other perspectives. 

As well as interviews, there will also be case studies throughout the book, showing how food is affected by the issues. Chocolate is one such case study; milk is another. 

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