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Food Safety Must Be A Priority

Blueberries representing local agriculture.
Blueberries Image by Kai Reschke from Pixabay

You’ve probably seen that my tagline is Non-compliance = Death and hopefully the COVID-19 pandemic helps you realise why I have this tagline! Recent research has shown that investing in food safety training and infrastructure helps all farmers and small farmers, while they spend the most relatively, get the most financial benefit in terms of sales. Furthermore, having a food safety plan reduces loss of product due to production errors and selling food that is grown and produced under a good food safety culture benefits consumers. This is a win-win-win situation:

Win=Safer food

Win=More profit

Win=Happy consumers

I know that you have a lot of expenses when you are running a small business, especially when it is a small food business. Food safety is only one of many priorities that you must carry along with packaging and buying equipment, let alone making the products you sell.

When you first start out as a food entrepreneur, food safety doesn’t seem that important. You took Serv-safe, Good Food Handlers, or equivalent course and the city or your local health department gave you a licence to produce food. So you’re good to go, right? However, a few months later you get an opportunity to supply your product to a local supermarket and they want to know your food safety practices or perhaps Wholefoods is interested in carrying your product locally and they want a food safety plan. Now what do you do?

Pan on stove with lid being opened. What is inside? Is the food being cooked properly?
Is food being heated to the right temperature to stop foodborne illness? Image by Lucia Vinti (https://luciavinti.com/)

If you reach out to a food safety consultant like me, you find that I talk a strange language of prerequisite programs, Good Manufacturing Practices, Critical Control Points, Preventive Controls, Record Keeping, Food Safety Modernization Act, FDA, etc.. Can you learn this language and put this food safety stuff together on your own and run your company and produce all the products you need for your new markets?

Make sure you don’t miss out when a good marketing opportunity comes by. Don’t cut corners now and improve your bottom line by making food safety a priority today by scheduling a free food safety chat NOW!. Don’t wait until you HAVE to have a food safety program in place.

Hands being washed because everything is safer with clean hands!
Wash your hands! Image from Pixabay.

Now wash your damn hands.

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