What is food justice?

I shifted my book writing focus two weeks ago from food and climate change to food sovereignty. Somehow reading and writing about food justice felt more appropriate than climate change given the outer political protests following George Floyd’s murder.

We must not forget that social justice affects how people will be affected by climate change as well as being marginalized in their access to land and food.

There isn’t one definition or one approach to food justice, which means we have to individually come up with our own definition! That is hard work! How can we do that while also ensuring the food our companies produce/manufacture is safe? We must consider that food justice is part of making food safe.

As I do my daily antiracism practice, I am uncomfortable at the lack of diversity in food manufacturing. Most of the undergraduates are white which means that there are less minorities in the lab and in management. I am interested in exploring what I can do to change my industry to make it more equitable; to overcome systemic racism. More diversity in food manufacturing will lead to more diversity on my plate which is exciting to me. I love trying new food!

My first step is to revise my mission and vision statements to reflect my desire to assist and support a diverse group of small food businesses. When I look at who I work for and who they sell their products to, I wonder how I can make that more equitable without giving away my services for free.

I am sure we are all wondering what we can do to further social justice. Please share your thoughts in the comments below or if you prefer to have this discussion in private, please reach out for a chat. 

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