an image saying America is built on stolen lives, stolen land and stolen labor.

Stolen lives

American wealth comes from stolen land, stolen lives, and stolen labor. Until social justice is in place and white supremacy ends, we cannot have food justices. Image by Cathy Davies

This image is a very feeble attempt to show how frustrated I am feeling. The murders of George Floyd and other Black, Indigenous and People of Color and our refusal to recognize that it is their labor and their land and their lives that makes America great makes me complicit in systemic racism.

Without an end to white supremacy, we will never achieve an end to hunger which is my life’s goal. Without recognizing that modern American wealth is built on stolen land, stolen labor, and stolen lives, there will never be food justice.

For food justice to take place, I need to work towards the end of white heteropatriarchal supremacy.

This post is written for me in support of the suffering and injustices experienced by Black, Indigenous and People of Color recognizing that I am implicit in those injustices and my work to support social justice starts here.

Thanks to Rachel Ricketts for her work in helping me and other white women recognize our racism and to do the work to become an anti racist. I recommend her Spiritual Activism 101 course if you are interested in joining me on my antiracist journey.