What's a bus got to do with food poisoning?

Food Poisoning

Indian Food is So Good. This meal did not make me ill. This is a really tasty meal that is perfectly safe! Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Have you ever had food poisoning? The first time I remember was when I was 13 or 14. My French exchange student was visiting my family after I had visited her in Lyons in the spring. So this memory is from early summer.

My family had a big event at a local grand Indian restaurant. Usually we had take away curry from the local Indian restaurant at the end of our street: The kitchen table groaning with different options as we did, and still do, order too much. We all have our favorites!! This time though we went out for a meal that happened to be a curry. 

The next day, Dad took myself and my French exchange pal to Ludlow. Note this was a bus trip as neither of my parents drive. So I am sitting on the bus, the very full bus, and my belly starts hurting and moving and doing all kinds of painful, weird out of control things. 

Remember I am on a bus. Busses do not have toilets. 

What's a bus got to do with food poisoning?
I like travelling using public transport. It can be very unpleasant to travel when you are ill. Image by Emslichter from Pixabay

I am feeling rather green with my internal body being completely out of my control. I am clenching everything from my mouth to my butt to try to control what is happening in my digestive system. If you’ve had food poisoning you know exactly what I mean.

As we pulled into Ludlow, I threw up. Right down the center aisle of the bus. In front of everyone. EVERYONE. It was awful. I was so embarrassed and I was also worried more was going to happen if I didn’t get off the bus RIGHT THEN and find a restroom. 

I’m still cringing at the memory. And clenching everything like I did back then. 

 I was lucky that time. I only felt ill for a short time. I’ve had worse bouts of foodborne illness since. This was the most embarrassing because of the public nature of my illness and being a teenager. I was with a person my age who was a visitor to my country and I am sort of trying to impress because French and exchange student. Food poisoning took every chance of me being cool away. It took me years before I could even look at a curry again. Decades. I was in my mid 20s when I did my PhD in Leeds and “going for a curry” was a regular social activity. There were a lot of Indian/Pakistani restaurants in West Yorkshire as there was a large Asian immigrant population. Curries were cheap and apparently tasty! I slowly coached myself into eating them again. At first I drowned my curry with raita (cucumber and yogurt) and eventually I was able to have more curry and less raita. I still like raita!

Now I know about foodborne illness and different symptoms and situations that can lead to foodborne illness, I suppose the cause was Bacillus cereus which is commonly found in rice that has been left out after cooking and reheated.

Rice can be a source of foodborne illness if it is not stored properly Image by amarnath jaganathan from Pixabay

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