I’m Dr Cathy Davies, a food scientist and food safety consultant based in New Jersey and working across America

After a 20-year career teaching food science and nutrition to undergraduates, I left to start Food Saftey Mid Atlantic. While I have lots of fancy qualifications – a BS in Human Nutrition, a PhD in Food Science, and various food safety certificates – the truth is that I love food. I love growing, cooking, and eating food as well as studying and writing about food. Want to talk about food, not just food safety? I’m your woman. I love talking to people who are interested in food. 

I love taking people’s ideas to make understandable easy-to-follow food safety plans. I love drawing flowcharts to clearly explain your production process and I love that I can work with people who have great ideas for new food product and help you understand the language and jargon used in food regulations and in your food safety plan. When you work with me, you will get individual attention and explanations about every step.